Archery Experiences

Newcastle Archery Range operates archery experience sessions for novice archers contemplating taking up the traditional sport.

The archery experience lasts for one hour and offers the very best professional instruction at our shooting range near Audley, Stoke-on-Trent ST7 8AW.

On arrival, you will be given a brief safety induction and once completed you have the opportunity to shoot a variety of targets, you will be soon hitting them with confidence!

Both traditional and field target archery, with 3D targets are on offer.

Minimum age seven years old.


Archery experiences are £25.00 per hour for one archer, two archers for £40.00 per hour and up to four archers for £60.00 per hour. The range can accommodate up to six archers for £80.00 per hour. 

You will be using Newcastle Archery Range’s equipment etc.

You will be covered by Newcastle Archery Range’s professional archery insurance.

By making payment you agree to all Newcastle Archery Range’s terms and conditions and you have read our range safety rules.

All archery is by appointment only, pre-booking and payment online only.